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                                                                                                                                                          March 30, 2018

Heritage Coast Sail Days’ tall ship visit cut short in 2018

[East Tawas, MI; March 30, 2018] BaySail, owners and operators of the schooners Appledore IV and Appledore V announced this week that unforeseen repairs to Appledore V will have the vessel out of commission for the 2018 sailing season and unable to participate in Heritage Coast Sail Days as anticipated. The larger of the two vessels, Appledore IV will make an appearance for one week from Monday through Friday, May 14—18, the first week of this year’s Heritage Coast Sail Days event.

      “We couldn’t be more disappointed that our vessels are not able to play a more prominent role in Heritage Coast Sail Days this year,” explained Shirley Roberts, BaySail Executive Director. “Our crew really enjoys sailing out of East Tawas and our vessels always receive such a warm welcome when we are there.” A routine Coast Guard inspection identified areas of concern in the vessel’s steel hull that are likely the result of operating for several years in salt water. Roberts cited an abundance of caution in addressing the concerns and the need for a more thorough evaluation to determine the best course of action for repairs. “Safety is and always will be our top priority,” she said. 

            Heritage Coast Sail Days began as a partnership between BaySail and Heritage Coast Sailing & Rowing, an organization based in East Tawas whose goals are to encourage sailing, rowing and the recreational use of the lake. The Sail Days event which occurs May 13 to July 9 this year, shares the same goals while focusing attention on water-based recreation and historic maritime resources of the Heritage Coast. Additional partners include the Tawas Area Chamber of Commerce, City of East Tawas, East Tawas Business Association, and the Michigan DNR.   

David Wentworth, Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing Chairperson, said, “APPLEDORE V will be missed in this year’s Sail Days event .   We are pleased that the sistership  APPLEDORE IV will be here for a week to accommodate the Science Under Sail Classes booked by area schools.  Unfortunately, all other cruises are cancelled.  We look forward to the return of APPLEDORE V in 2019's version of Sail Days.  Thank you to the individuals and businesses that have supported Sail Days.  You are a great asset to our community.” 

      BaySail is a non-profit organization based in Bay City that provides environmental education, sail training and public sailing opportunities aboard its vessels. In this its 20th anniversary year, BaySail’s vessel Appledore IV will visit Detroit, Pt. Austin, Roger’s City and Sandusky, Ohio in addition to East Tawas.

      For more information about the Heritage Coast Rowing and Sailing, Inc., please call (989) 460-2642 or visit www.heritage-23.org. For more information about BaySail,  call (989) 895-5193 or visit www.baysailbaycity.org.


Mackinaw Boat Symposium Friday June 9, 2017
Check the Symposium details by following the pdf link above.

PO BOX 221
Tawas City, MI 48764-0221

989 460-2642


February 9, 2017

From: Stephanie Wentworth


It's only February but not too early to plan for Appledore sailing in Tawas Bay

The Schooner Appledore V will be sailing into Tawas Bay May 21st for a month long port visit. Heritage Coast Sailing & Rowing Inc has teamed up with BaySail, City of East Tawas, East Tawas Business Association, Tawas Area Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to make the boat available for educational and pleasure sails. Appledore will be at the East Tawas State Dock from May 21 until June 18.The schooners Appledore V and Appledore IV are owned and operated by BaySail, a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Bay City. Tall ship adventures aboard Appledore further BaySail's mission to foster environmental stewardship of the Saginaw Bay watershed and the Great Lakes ecosystem and to provide personal development opportunities for learners of all ages through shipboard and land-based educational experiences.  Since its founding in 1998, more than 42,000 young people have experienced a BaySail education program.

Allen Tubbs, East Tawas Business Association president, is contacting area schools within our nine county region for onboard class sessions tailored to Tawas Bay. Tubbs said those teachers planning a trip should  book as soon as possible. By its very nature, the ship has a limited capacity, he said. We have 21 days for classes and they will fill quickly. This is such a great opportunity for our kids to learn about the the blue water highway, Lake Huron.

Rebecca Buchanan, Chair, Heritage Coast Sponsorship Committee, is seeking sponsors to offset the cost for the schools. The Science under Sail program, for students of all ages, is $500 per sail. Buchanan said "We hope you will consider helping to make this opportunity for the communities"  youth a success with your sponsorship as we hope to make this an annual opportunity..

In addition to the Science Under Sail programs, there are plenty of opportunities to sail for fun. There will be Stargazer & Moonlight Sails, Tawas Bay day sails, (two hour sail from the East Tawas State Dock into Tawas Bay), as well as opportunities to plan your own group cruises.

David Wentworth of Heritage Coast Sailing & Rowing Inc.said, HCS&R is delighted to bring the Appledore to Tawas Bay. We hope that this is the first year of an annual event that will put on display Tawas Bay Š our wonderful water resource. We also hope that it will recreate our historic link to the Great Lakes as a key to our economic history. We hope that the event will add strength to the area economy.

In addition to the Appledore, HCS&R will conduct a Symposium June 9, 2017. This will be a meeting of Great Lakes historians and traditional boat enthusiasts who will discuss the origin of the Mackinaw boat. Mackinaw boats were the pickup trucks of the Great Lakes for over a century. The Heritage 23, the boats built by HCS&R and available for community sailing and rowing, are Mackinaw boats.

On June 10,2017 HCS&R will hold its third annual Traditional Craft Sailing and Rowing races. Bring your own boat or put together a rowing crew and sign up to race one of HCS&R boats.

For more information, contact Scott Ellis (scotte@baysailbaycity.org), BaySail (989 895-5193) or the Tawas Area Chamber of Commerce (989 362-8643).

For more information about the Appledore science program, click here for their two page pdf brochure.


December 30, 2016
From: Stephanie Wentworth




Wayne Childs, from Hope, Michigan, was the lucky winner of the Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing E. M. White designed guide canoe raffle. The winning ticket, number 446, was purchased on June 4th at the Northeast Michigan Regional Farm Market in Tawas City. Childs has been a regular vendor at the market for years and his vegetable booth happened to be located next to the canoe.

"I thought it was really quite pretty and thought why not get some tickets. Guess it was a good move", Childs said.

HCS&R members built the wooden, handcrafted, 18 foot 6 inch guide canoe with paddles and sold raffle tickets. Funds generated from this project will feed material for future construction and growth.

HCS&R Inc is a Michigan not-for-profit corporation and a federal 501(c)3 organization. Their purpose is to encourage boat building, sailing and rowing in traditional regional boats. The group is actively looking for interested persons to join in building, sailing and rowing programs. No experience necessary.

Construction has already begun on the 2017 raffle prize, a 17 foot Great Auk seakayak.

Photo: HCS&R member David Wentworth, right, delivered the canoe and paddles to 2016 raffle ticket winner Wayne Childs and his wife Kathy. Childs and his family were extremely pleased , and there was some, but not unanimous, talk among the family members about putting it in their living room.

May 3, 2016

From:  Stephanie Wentworth




The latest exercise trend is rowing, which offers incredible workouts in a short amount of time.  “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” is not quite as “gentle” as the nursery rhyme suggests. 

Heritage Coast Sailing & Rowing has boats to row on Tawas Bay.

Rowing offers a total body workout, working 23 different muscle groups, low impact, is easy to learn and fun for all ages and levels.  Local gyms and health clubs have inside rowing machines.   HCS&R has boats in the water for public rowing use.

The boats will be in the water at the State Dock in East Tawas.  Membership is required.  The cost is $25 for the 2016 season or a day use pass of $1 (limit 3).  Membership allows participation in boat building, rowing and sailing. 

The idea of the Heritage 23 was dreamed up in 2011 when a small group founded HCS&R, Inc. David Wentworth, HCS&R chair said “We built our first Heritage 23 boat in 2011 and now have a fleet of three.   The boats are strongly built and very stable for operating in open waters.  Fun to row.  Easy too!  Incredible exercise!”

There will be a coxswain class Saturday, May 21 taught by Jodie Carpenter, water sport instructor at the Bay Front Center in Erie, Pennsylvania.  A second class on how to row will be May 28.  Classes are free to members.

HCS&R Inc is a Michigan not-for-profit corporation and a federal 501(c)3 organization.  Their purpose is to encourage boat building, sailing and rowing in traditional regional boats. 

The 2016 Rowing and Sailing program is posted on the Heritage Coast website.   www.heritage-23.org    For additional information, call 989.460.2642.

April 24, 2013

Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing, Inc joined the Earth Day event held by the NOAA staff at the National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena, Michigan on April 24, 2013.  Four hundred area fifth-graders visited the Museum, where 30 different organizations set up presentation booths.  The students were divided into small groups and were given the freedom to visit presentations of their choice.

The Heritage Coast exhibit was the H-23 Mackinaw boat built last winter.  Joe Czaika, Dave Gilles and Dave Wentworth manned the exhibit.  Dave Gilles, a retired teacher, put his experience to good use and conducted presentations about the boat that had students identifying various parts of the boat and placing a name tag on the part. 

Students, in small groups, kept the HCS&R crew busy all day.

Dave Gilles describes the H-23 to 3 students.

Dave Gilles and Joe Czaika talk to a group of students and chaperones.  In the foreground, the Huron Pines conservation group demonstrates soil erosion on a sand table.

Heritage 23 was on display (recently returned to Tawas for the Offshore Grand Prix June 2013 events) at the
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center
March 2013

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January 28, 2013
From:  Stephanie Wentworth


The first Heritage 23 boat, inspired by the Great Lakes Mackinaw, is on display through mid March at the East Tawas Community Center, at which time it will move to the museum at the National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena until mid May.

It will then be brought back to Tawas, fine tuned and put into service as a community rowing and sailing boat at the East Tawas State Dock. 

The idea of the Heritage 23 was dreamed up in Tawas in 2011 when a small group founded Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing, Inc., a nonprofit organization.  The group’s mission is to encourage community boatbuilding, preserve classic regional boat designs, and encourage sailing, rowing and the use of the water.  The Heritage 23 is a Mackinaw style boat recreated using modern building techniques that amateur builders can easily master.  

Mackinaw boats originated on the Upper Great Lakes sometime in the 1800s.  The American Fur Company used Mackinaws on Lake Superior as early as the 1830s  Fisherman on Isle Royale near the lake’s North Shore worked versions of the boat from the 1850s to early 1900s.  These Mackinaws were strongly built and very stable for operating in open waters. 

Last April, six amateur boat builders, regulars who would see the project through to completion, gathered in a small building near the Tawas waterfront  to begin building the boat.  By late July the boat was ready to launch.  Heritage Coast plans to start the second Heritage 23 this month, offering an opportunity for a new group of amateur builders to become involved. 

The 2013 programs include the building of a second Heritage 23 boat, the completion of a Penobscot 14 rowing/sailing boat, the development of a rowing program, including instruction, crew building, competition and fitness.  In addition Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing is again hosting the Heritage Coast Grand Prix boat races June 13 - 16, 2013. 

September 2012 Newsletter

Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing


The Heritage 23 has completed her sea trials as both a rowing and sailing boat.  She passed with distinction. As a rowing boat, she moves easily and as a sailor she is surprisingly fast (7.4 knots).  Some additional adjusting is being done to the sails by the sailmaker.  The changes should be complete this season, for sailing use next year.


Rowers wanted: We are ready to row and welcome anyone who wants to try out the boat this fall.  A typical rowing crew is made up of four rowers and a coxswain.  If you have a group of five, or if you want to be part of a made-up crew, give us a call.  We will do make the necessary arrangements to get you on the water.  The boat is at the East Tawas State Dock.  Call to take advantage of our wonderful fall season.

To row call: 

Leo Chartier            989-305-6050
Dave Gilles             517-304-4231
Dave Wentworth      989-362-3193

August 24, 2012
Press Release

Press Release August 24, 2012
For Immediate Release

From:              Stephanie Wentworth

Thank you (again) for helping promote this exciting project! 

Women's maiden rowing


This is the first maiden voyage of women on the Heritage 23.  Pictured from right to left are Nancy Somers, Karyn Miller, Sandra McCorry, Gail Juppenlatz and Stephanie Wentworth.

Construction of the Heritage 23 boat is finished.  The first Heritage 23 is now ready for community use.  People wishing to row should contact David Wentworth (989 460-2642). 

Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing, a new not for profit corporation, whose purpose is to encourage sailing and rowing and to preserve historic regional boat designs, has completed the process of building a 23 foot Mackinaw boat, named the Heritage 23. Actual construction began on April 16 in East Tawas under the guidance of Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats, Fife, Scotland.

Boat designer Richard Franklin Pierce, from Franklin-Eldridge Boatbuilders in Windemere England, was here for the launch in August.  In semi-retirement Pierce worked alongside Jordan, pooling product engineering experience to develop designs for kit building, connecting Jordan’s rowing and Pierce’s sailing experience.

The boat is now available for community use.  Experience is not required.

The second Heritage 23 is scheduled to be built this winter.  Visitors and individuals interested in working on the next boat should contact Leo Chartier or David Wentworth 989 460-2642.

Certificate of Recognition
July 13, 2012

State Senator John Moolenaar recognized, with a Certificate of Recognition, the presentation made by Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing members. The Heritage Route 23 Management Committee organized a tour of the 6 county Heritage Route 23. Senator Moolenaar and Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director Keith Creagh stopped at the H. C. Sailing and Rowing display at the Harbor Park Pavilion where they were briefed on the Heritage 23 and the purposes of the organization. Dave Gilles, Joe Czaika, Richard Pierce and Dave Wentworth made the presentation. The certificate is shown below.

April 10, 2012
Press Release

Press Release April 10, 2012
For Immediate Release

From:              Stephanie Wentworth

Promoting Boat Building and Rowing in Lake Huron Communities

Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing, a new not for profit corporation, whose purpose is to encourage sailing and rowing and to preserve historic regional boat designs, is in the process of building a 23 foot Mackinaw boat, named the Heritage 23. Actual construction will begin on April 16 in East Tawas under the guidance of Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats, Fife, Scotland.

Mackinaw boats are historic vessels developed in the upper Great Lakes region. They were the pick-up trucks of the 1800’s and were used as fishing boats and for short-haul transportation of freight and people. Said to be the merger of Native American canoe building skill and European carpentry skill, they are a significant part of the cultural and economic heritage of this area. Looking for a classic regional boat, the Mackinaw was chosen by Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing. Recognizing the skill level of the builders, the group commissioned design and construction updates to take advantage of modern methods of boat building using marine plywood and resins and to make it suitable for kit building.

Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing is a Michigan not-for-profit corporation, formed to encourage local boat building activities, build regional community along the Heritage-23 Route and to encourage boat building in the region. Both organizations cover the same six counties. 

The organization was patterned after the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, a very successful regional organization in the United Kingdom. Scottish Coastal Rowing uses the St. Ayles Skiff as the "one-design" class for the regattas and events it conducts each year. Inaugurated only two years ago, 25 St Ayles skiffs have already been launched, with another 29 under construction. Seven are expected to be launched in the next month for the new regatta season.

Regattas have been run over courses ranging from 1000 yards to 3 miles; longer races are planned for the 2012 season. The sport is attracting participation from all ages and both sexes, especially women.

Heritage Coast hopes to have similar events here and along the Lake Huron shoreline using its Heritage-23 as the design.

Alec Jordan has been manufacturing boat kits for 10 years in Scotland. Jordan has been working with the Heritage Coast group the past few months designing the kit for Heritage 23. Hewes and Company of Blue Hill, Maine manufactures kits and will make the Heritage 23. Jordan will be in East Tawas for two weeks starting in mid-April assisting with the first boat.

Jordan sees many benefits for a community in building and racing these Heritage 23’s.

The building of a boat will provide a focus of interest during the time that it is under construction. There is approximately 700-800 man hours work in building the boat, and the more hands that are willing to get involved, the easier it will be.

Rowing is above all a team sport where all members of a crew have to give their all, and work together to win. This is seen as an ideal method for building team spirit.

The support of a set of crews within a group or community is also important, and it is hoped that this will increase the cohesion within, and through friendly competition break down barriers to other communities.

It is particularly hoped that youth groups can be encouraged to get involved, both as a means of training in cooperative constructive activity in building the boats, and in what is hoped will develop into a very popular means of competition against neighboring communities.

Visitors and individuals willing to work on the boat are welcome by appointment. To schedule participating in construction or a site visit, call 989-460-2642.

Mr. Jordan will be making a presentation on Scottish Coastal Rowing April 24 at 7 PM at A Different Blend in East Tawas. A second presentation will be at the National Marine Sanctuary, Alpena, Michigan on April 26 at 7 PM.

Information about coastal rowing in Scotland can be found at www.scottishcoastalrowing.org.

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