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We are an approved federal and state non profit "501(c)3"organization.

Heritage-23 rowing skiff design

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Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing Inc. (HCS&R) is a Michigan not for profit corporation and a federal 501(c)3 organization.  HCS&R incorporated in February 2012.  Our purpose is to encourage boat building, sailing and rowing in traditional regional boats.  We are actively looking for interested persons to join us in our building, sailing and rowing programs.

The Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing
Sailing School Schedule for 2020 is now available

HCS&R also has a full size Mackinaw boat on the drawing board!  This new boat will be approximately 45 feet in length and will be a larger scale of the current Heritage-23 Mackinaw boat.  Details of the new boat and the construction will be posted in the first part of 2018.  The 45 will begin construction in 2019. 

Historical Mackinaw boat loaded with cargo
Mackinaw boat historical picture from 1800s Historical Mackinaw boat at camp at anchor

Mackinaw boats of the 1800's

The Heritage-23 Coast Sailing and Rowing organization was patterned after the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, a very successful regional organization in the United Kingdom.  Scottish Coastal Rowing uses the St. Ayles Skiff as a one-design class for the regattas and events it conducts each year.  Approximately fifty skiffs participate in the regattas. The Heritage 23 is based on the historic Mackinaw  boat of the mid -1800s. Designer Richard Pierce of Isle of Luing, Scotland scaled down the typical Mackinaw boat, making the Heritage-23 suitable for modern epoxy resin and plywood construction, for rowing and for sailing.

Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats, Fife Scotland took Pierce's design and crafted a kit for the boat.  Jordan has been designing and packaging kits for 10 years.  Hewes and Company of Blue Hill, Maine manufactures kits and will make the Heritage 23 kit available in the US.

David Wentworth, Chairman of the HCS&R, discusses the mission and objectives in a YouTube video below:


The 2018 Heritage-23 Sailing, Rowing and Building Season is about to begin with a new schedule of activities

The Heritage-23 is located at the East Tawas State Dock during the 2016 season.  See programs under "Calendar" to schedule a row, sail, or build activity for 2016.  In 2014, our newly finished Penobscot 14 joined the fleet.  Many new projects are in progress and volunteers are needed.  Our third "smooth" hull Heritage was added to the fleet in 2015. Building a cedar plank canoe that was auctioned in 2015 was a great success.  In 2016, we are building a second canoe which will be auctioned in the fall of 2016.  Tickets can be purchased at the Farm Market in Tawas and other locations in the area.

See the Penobscot 14 building completion page.

Our first boat is configured for either rowing by a team of up to 4 rowers and one coxswain or as a double masted sailing skiff.  You can see more details of the boat's unique design in our construction pages..

Heritage 23 rowing version just before first launch test
Just out the shop!
 Heritage 23 sailing over  7.4 knots on test sail in Tawas Bay
Heritage 23 sailing off the Tawas Point -- 7.4 knots!

Resting after the Tawas Invitational Races

The Heritage 23, a modern adaptation of the original Mackinaw Boat, was recently displayed in the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center.  The recent news page has details and photos of the display.  The Heritage-23 is now in slip 102 at the Tawas Point State Dock and ready for rowing and sailing.

Construction of our third Heritage 23 was completed in 2015.  We are looking for volunteers to help us build additional Heritage 23 boats and for donors to help finance the new boats.  This is an ideal chance to join our not-for-profit corporation, to build wooden boats, and to help develop and organize regattas on the Heritage Coast of Michigan.  Enjoy the video below on our volunteers at work!


In addition we offer our assistance to groups along the Heritage Coast and elsewhere wishing to build, sail, and row a Heritage 23.

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