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Promoting Community Boat Building,
Rowing &
Sailing on the Heritage
Coast of Michigan

We are an approved federal and state non profit "501(c)3"organization.

Heritage-23 rowing skiff design

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About Us

Organization:  Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing Incorporated (H C S & R) is a non-profit corporation.  Its purpose is to, on a community basis:

  • facilitate community based boat building by volunteers and the encourage the development of the skills associated with it

  • encourage rowing, competitive rowing, sailing and competitive sailing

  • encourage use of our water resource by organizing regattas and other water based events

  • preserve historic regional boat designs

  • focus attention on the maritime history of our region

Programs to achieve these goals include:

  • convert historic regional designs to modern boat building techniques, kit boat building techniques, and volunteer boat builder capabilities

  • receive and restore donated boats, using volunteer boat builders, for revenue and/or use

  • build and/or restore boats, to minimize capital requirements, utilizing volunteer boat builders, for use by community members

  • raise funds for capital requirement and operating expenses by operating a “ship’s store”, by conducting fund-raising drives, and by conducting events, classes and regattas.

  • the Heritage-23 is the one design boat chosen as the primary build-row-sail boat of H C S & R

  • direct expenses associated with the community sailing and rowing portion of the program are to be covered by membership fees and other direct revenues

  • programs for pleasure, fitness and competitive rowing and sailing will be developed

These goals and programs have direct implications for members:     

  • members should be aware that the vessels in use by H C S & R are built from kits by dedicated volunteers of varying skills and experience

  • In the case of donated boats, members should be aware made that these vessels are old and have been restored by dedicated volunteers of varying skill levels

  • In both instances, there may be additional risk associated with equipment use, and such underlying and/or additional risk is borne by using members. 

Read more about the Heritage 23 Mackinaw Boat on the Rowing For Pleasure blog.


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